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Thursday, January 24, 2008

AC Milan 1-2 Atalanta+ALL GOALS


I had no chance to watch this match but while I was reading players ratings it was easy to finish- Milan played one excellent half and the second it was opposite with the first one. The players got tired, Pirlo was once again a genius with the ball, Pato good first half "nowhere to be found" second half, Oddo's continuing with his terrible form, another 3point cost error from Kaladze (he did the same against Inter) and what should we say about Gilardino?!? Milan is loosing the breath for the 4th place that will be a disaster for a team with Milan caliber.

And Ancelotti as allways has a "face" to comment stupid errors rewarded by also humiliating defeats:
"We played very well in the first half, opened the scoring and had the chances to extend our advantage. It was very negative to go into the break with a 1-1 scoreline, we deserved more.In the second half we tried to get back in front, but a defensive error allowed Atalanta to score their second goal and then close up all the spaces, so it became far more difficult.
The second half was a step backwards, but I must say this team has not played a better first half this season in Serie A.It was a mistake [by Kaladze], the pitch was slippery and this can happen. It was a mistake that cost us dearly."
Well Mr. Ancelotti those errors Milan has paid with two defeats and now when Dida took a "break" will Kaladze overtake his role of doing stupid 3point costing mistakes?!? isn't it enough?
Is it that hard to ask from the board few new YOUNG players to be bought, and confessing that Gila has no future at San Siro?!?
He is risking a lot by putting on fire young Pato, thats a lot of pressure. LEAVE THAT KID ALONE, give him time and space I dont think he should be a starter in every match. Just as Kaka took Rui Costa's place step by step the very same should be applied for Pato too. This can damage his carrier and it's not fair expecting from him miracles from the start.
This is all I had to say..... We can say goodbye to Champions League next season.....

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