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Thursday, July 12, 2012

[UPDATE]Curva Sud reacts: "Don't you even think about selling Thiago & Ibra"

Reactions about the possible sale of Milan duo Ibra and Thiago are coming all over football world. Milan legend Costacurta was the latest to express his opinion about Ibra-Thiago Silva to PSG story.

"The offer is too good to be refused"-Costacurta said. 
PSG is offering €70 million for Ibra and Thiago Silva, but Milan if the sale goes through will free up to €170 millions.
Milan ultras reacted furiously about this possible sale:
"Stop playing these games, don't you even try to mention Ibra and Silva's names let alone to sell them. If this maddness was about to happen, then it would be better Milan to competet against Novara in Seria B."
Against fans reaction Kaka was also sold in similar fashion. He first refused rich Manchester City offer and a half year later accepted (some suggests against his will) Real Madrid's offer, and Galliani's words were: "The offer was too good to be refused"
Earlier Milan ultras threatened that if this trade happens then they will not attend Milan home games as a sign of a protest.
Hope this maddness won't go through, othervise as Curva Sud said Milan better compete in Seria B !
SkySport 24 reports latest news that Ibrahimovic has accepted the transfer proposal from his agent Riola, but has some very important demands from PSG. Those demands are yet unknown. This afternoon there will be held a very important meeting Riola-PSG officials to discuss those demands. It is known that one of those demands is a yearly wage more then €14 million and a 4-year contract.
It is a "Yes" to transfer but strictly under some very important Ibra conditions. 
The ball is in PSG's half it's up to them now, who as said will hold a meeting with Ibra's agent Riola this afternoon.

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