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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ancelotti:" There will arrive no new player in San Siro"

Bad news! I hope this is only a camouflage, something like quite time before the storm to hit. Otherwise I can't understand why the same words I hear from the same man at different time distance?!? Like 12th place isn't a prove that Milan's in a need of not only one player, but at least one on each position. That means, one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder and one elite attacker. How on Earth plans Ancelotti to compete, when the team has an year average of 31 years?!? Milan will have 8 matches in a month, how they plan to hold a pace with modern football if there's no quality bench?!? God help Milan against Arsenal if they don't buy some new young player.This is why I think before buying new player we need to change the coach, Mourinho is the best coach for Milan. Ancelotti should give the correct view for the team and say where the team's vulnerable and where the team needs a refreshment, but he's not doing that. I hope just as I said at the beginning, these few days of transfer period are quite before Milan's storm of new players hit.

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