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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mourinho + Drogba next season at San Siro?

Latest informations about the outgoing transfer period say that Milan management is in serious negotiations about bringing at San Siro in package Mourinho and Drogba (who's injured at the moment). This should be a good news, but I don't think soo. I like the part where it says that Mourinho has a pre-contract signed with Milan (which it means he will replace old fashion coach Carlo Ancelotti at the end of the actual season), but I don't like Drogba arrival. Why? Well, actually I base my opinion on two important reasons:
1- Drogba is injured at this moment, he has missed how many matches for Chelsea, 5 or 6 that means he's out for entire month. When he'll come back on the pitch who guarantees about he's form comeback?!? This was the first reason,
2- By the end of this season, he'll celebrate his 30th birthday does that means something to Milan fans? Actually, it does. Milan's team average is 31 year they need to bring youth at the team, not another 30+ player and making that average even older.
I think this way and if this deal goes through Milan board obviously does not share my way of football thinking. Instead of bringing Drogba, my personal recommendation is Benzema. An excellent player with unlimited talent and who fits perfectly in Milan game style. Together with Pato they will represent Milan future.

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